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1- Red bean soup glutinous rice ball. 2- Red bean soup soy bean curd. 3- Mango mini rice ball. 4- Mango magic ball,

1- Sea coconut ice cream glass jelly. 2- Golden Legend of Four. 3- Mix fruit ice cream louye. 4- Grape coconut Mix fruit mini sago louye.

1- Honeydew black rice. 2- Honeydew aloe vera. 3- Kiwi soy bean curd. 4- Mango coconut ice cream.

Recently i notice more and more food place been trying to up rise at Pulau Tikus, Penang. Here we had the latest new dessert shop been roaming at Raja Uda and finally step at our "Island Rat" :) -> 糖伯府 Tong Pak Fu.

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  Dine in
  The tong sui is on the sweet side, it is more toward youngster taste bud
  Quality :  3
  Taste :  3
  Service :  3
  Value For Money :  2