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  2nd try with our "Happy" place     1563 Days Ago

1st time try this "Happy" shop beverage is at their opening promotion so we get their buy 1 free 1 deal. This time we only able to get buy 1 and get 2nd cup at 50% discount.

This round we wanted to try different drink from the 1st round. So we order the Milk Tea with Mesono Jelly and Black Pearl sago Milo. Both drinks are great. My milk Tea not over-sweet and it taste great. Beside that it fulfills the basic requirement which is having a good tea aroma.  The different this round and the previous round of milk tea is that I didn't order V Puff Cream. For the other cup of Milo, it tastes good as well. The Mesono Jelly taste very special. I can't tell what it is but it definitely tastes familiar.
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  Still best beverage in town
  Milk Tea with Mesono Jelly
  RM 3.75 Per Pax (Average)
  Quality :  5
  Taste :  4
  Service :  3
  Value For Money :  4