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Hou mei Yuen also selling dim sum if you crave for it. I believe they only sell it and not made by them. Taste not bad also.

This is the typical pan mee soup they were selling. It come with black fungus, mined pork, sweet leaf and ikan bilis. It is good but i only eat it when i not feeling well :) They only serve one type of drink, which is herbal drink. You still have choice la, HOT or Cold :)

This is the thick pan mee dried version.
Now my favorite had change to another shop in George town (Will intro later). The pan mee here is very simple dish without fancy add on.

I know Penang Pan Mee is not the MUST TRY food in Penang but this stall was one of my favorite Pan Mee since i was a kid. I still remember it was operate by the old couple. Now the shop is mainly operated by their work and both the owner will only in charge of collecting money :)

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  Quality :  4
  Taste :  4
  Service :  4
  Value For Money :  3